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Keynotes and Speaking Events

Whether you are looking to re-energize your entire organization, small team, community group, faith-based organization or even your professional association, we have a keynote for you. Our happiness, purpose and passion, kindness, values and strengths, mindset, and resiliency themed, interactive keynotes and events are designed to be experiential and empowering. All participants will leave with tangible, immediate and long-term actions. All keynotes can be tailored to meet your specific needs. 

Professor Lecturing on Stage

Happiness & Positivity matter

Why does happiness and positivity matter? Participants will learn more about the impact of happiness as they take part in this interactive program. Our signature keynote can be delivered from two different perspectives, personal and organizational. Discover how to create your PATH.

let your passion fuel your purpose

Have purpose but not passion? Or passion but no purpose? Dive deep into your MAP/P and discover your personal mission, aspirations, purpose and passion. Understand the connection between your employees personal MAP/P and the  organization's MAP/P. Inspire your employees to align both MAP/Ps.

The Unexpected power of kindness

In this keynote, participants will hear real-life experiences of kindness that have changed the speakers life. With just the right amount of humor, this keynote will be sure to inspire and empower participants to start a kindness practice.

renew & bounce back

In today's environment, people need to be more resilient than ever. Learning how to manage the things that you have control over and learning how to accept the things you don't have control over isn't an easy task. Hear about the resiliency of the speaker and how they overcame the defeats, failures, disappointments and traumas experienced throughout their life. Talk about movtivation.

Find your core values & build on your strengths

Like the purpose and passion keynote, personal and organizational alignment of values is the cornerstone of your company's culture. Unveil your top values and strengths, share with your team and work together to develop a culture action plan based on your core values.

Change your mind, change your heart

Change how you think, feel and act. Looking at life through a different lens or from a different perspective is hard. It takes work, and lots of it. Taking a holistic approach, you will set out to intentionally change your mind and heart, to create a more positive and happy world. Participants will leave with specific actions they can use to continue this practice outside the presentation.

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