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Navigating in Woods

what is


[ˈpäzədivlē, ˈpäztivlē]

with certainty; so as to leave no room for doubt.


of undisputed origin; genuine.


fully realized or fulfilled.


the state of being happy.

PATH Process


The Map

The first stages of your journey begin with creating a vision of your happiest, most fulfilled life. You will identify what matters most to you, as well as, begin to map out your happiness. The last part of this stage is accessing your readiness for change. 

  • Create your PATH vision

  • Identify what matters most

  • Map Your Happy

  • Assess readiness for change

Looking at map

The Trail Marker

At this stage of the process, you are standing at the Trail Head, ready to begin your journey. You will build self-awareness as you begin digging deeper into your values and strengths and understanding how they help guide you along your journey. You will take the first steps toward finding your PATH.

  • VIA Strengths Assessment 

  • Values Assessment

  • Personal Health Inventory

Dramatic Sunset over the Mountains

The Journey

You've created your map, taken the first steps on the trail and now you will fully develop your plan, goals and actions steps, so you don't get lost along the way to discovering your PATH. Making sure you don't stumble along the way, you will identify barriers and create alternate routes to stay on the trail. These steps will ensure you are successful at reaching your end goal. Positively Authentic True Happiness.

  • Develop PATH Plan

  • Continually assess your action steps along the way

  • Identify barriers

  • Create alternate routes

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