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Personal Happiness

Create your own PATH with individual coaching sessions. You will identify your happiness block, explore the things that matter most to you and create your own personalized plan to reach your maximum potential. Be sure to check out our HEROs Discount Program.

Organizational Happiness

Not happy with your current organizational culture? Having trouble recruiting and retaining talent? Have you noticed a decrease in productivity? Are your employees telling you they are burnt out?  If you answered yes, you are in need of an organizational happiness makeover. Let us help you develop a plan that has successfully increased sales and productivity and decreased burnout, absenteeism and presenteeism. Through our unique PATH@WORK program, organizations can turn the tide and create a more productive, more successful and happier workplace. Special pricing for Veteran Owned Small Businesses.

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Happiness Keynotes

Ryan is a talented speaker who delivers dynamic and interactive keynote speeches that are sure to engage, energize and stimulate the attendees, leaving them on the edge of their seats. From happiness to burnout, Ryan has a keynote for you.

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